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Lava Rock + Amethyst

Lava Rock + Amethyst


Message From Spirit - Life Renewal


When I am making my products I received information, message or description from spirit about the crystal products I am working on.



    Lava rock started as molten lava and formed into rock. It is useful for those who are timid and indecisive. By bring natural balance with stronger ties to the earth & directing the energy with fire and passion. It is good if your are a fire sign blending of earths grounding energies to soften the ‘too quick to act’ and thinking before you leap.



    Lava Stone can be used as a personal diffuser that will diffuse essential smells on your wrist. By applying 1 to 3 drops of essential oil into the porous lava stone. This will be active for up to 3 days. The bracelet will then allow the properties of the oil to blend with the energy healing. Once the smell dissipates you can use a different oil as you require. Use good grade oils when against skin.



     I am a very protective stone that allows to you process and dispel any physical & mental emotions like anger, fears, rage and anxiety. This allow you to development a more positive outlook in your life and assist you to negate the highs and lows that previously ruled your life.  It allow you to contact your inner child to disperse old patterns and concerns. This personal growth will enable to increase your spiritual vibrations to a higher level and achieve peace and harmony.

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