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Crystal Spiritual Meanings

The metaphysical properties of crystals or stones will be different for everyone. This is because crystal energies work with the energy of your body. The energy will react to the situation that is currently surrounding you, including your beliefs. So, as your needs differ so with the metaphysical attunement of the crystal will varied. The basic usage will still be the same, but the reaction and outcome will be different. A major factor in the reaction of these energies is your personal belief. Any treatments traditional or natural will be more receptive to certain people than others.

Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. We bear no responsibility as to the effectiveness of individual crystals or stone. If you have any medical condition or doubts please consult your doctor.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients
Agate Geoge.jpg


It works slowly but brings great strenght. It aids in self-analysis and perception of hidden information to light. Emotionally it overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart. It transforms negative energies.

Blue – Courage, belief in self

Pink – Joy, Calm, Peace

Purple – Expression communication

Turquoise – New friendship

Amber scorpian.JPG


I serve as a bridge to connect the energies of heaven and earth – of the spiritual and the physical realms. I can be used to found spiritual energies into your physical body and fill it with light. I can assit to release energy blockages and release depression. It stablises your Kundalini awakening, bringing in healing, soothing and harmonising your energy



Spiritual guidance said that, I promote spiritual joy and laughter. I open the spiritual realm to allow the peace a calm to fill your days. Hold this crystal in your hand to enable this peaceful energy to flow through your body and mind.



I am a very protective stone that allows to you process and dispel any physical & mental emotions like anger, fears, rage and anxiety. This allow you to development a more positive outlook in your life and assist you to negate the highs and lows that previously ruled your life.  It allow you to contact your inner child to disperse old patterns and concerns. This personal growth will enable to increase your spiritual vibrations to a higher level and achieve peace and harmony.

Amethyst Calcite.jpg


Amethyst is a very protective stone. I allow you to see more clearly into oneself and others. To process information, you need at this time. I ebb and flow as you need at all times within your life. I increase your personal vibration to allow you peace and harmony with your life. The calcite inclusions amplify and increases the properties of the amethyst. Also adding its own healing properties and cleans and opens your chakra centres.

Amethyste Chervon.jpg


Is a combination of Amethyst and White quartz. I combined the strengthening and enhancing qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving qualities of Amethyst. It can be used to help remove resistance to change and to dissipate and repel negativity of all kind. Chevron Amethyst creates a strong healing field around the user.



I aid you in leaving the old behind to build new by aiding you to create positive change. I assist in seeing past life memories as part of your spiritual journey forward and not your destination. I enable connection you with your spiritual self.



Are powerful energies. They enhance spiritual vision and open the third eye. Looking through the base of the pyramid toward the apex opens a star gate. Like all pyramids, they have powers of preservation and can be used to charge up objects or other crystals.

Apophyllite & Stilbite.JPG


Together they join to create trust and love. By opening a knowing and understand of your spiritual self. I radiate a power energy of calm and strength. Allow yourself to let spirit show you your path forward.



Red apophyllite crystal is a powerful reminder to live to our true potential. By enhancing our vision and expanding our horizons beyond the here and now. Opening up change and allowing the little thing, the powerful things. To move through up, bring peace and clarity to oneself



Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. It has power to invoke tolerance of others. It overcomes judgementalism, gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility. It is helpful for closure on all levels. When placed on the third eye it leaves a cooling sensation



I am a grounding stone.  I am attuned to the earth goddess and encourage conservation and recycling.  I centre and ground physical energies great in times of stress.  Aragonite gives the ability to live everyday life with an open heart and mind. I teach patience and acceptance.  Place under the pillow to combat restlessness.



Is Quarts that is treated by fusing platinum or silver. Spiritual guidance said that, I have high spiritual energy which aid the balancing, protection & energetic health. It is said to raise Kundalini healing energy through the body is a gentle soothing manner.



It helps to regenerate and heal on all levels. It brings balance to the yin and yang energies. I assist to bring a clarity and purpose to your life. Aventurine helps to relieve the everyday stress, anxieties and fears. A wonderful physical healer that releases built up energies that are not harmonious as well as toxins

Azurite Malachite.jpg


Combination of these two. A Deep healing which brings balance and aids in transformation. Awaking the senses – trusting instincts, intuition and self-knowledge. Three-fold blessings, Love, Joy and Health.



I heighten intuition & increase creativity. I am excellent grounding and protective stone. Use to dispel states of bewilderment & obscure thought. Bloodstone works efficiently towards a health immune system by removing toxins and helping your body to absorb the nutrients it needs to create peak condition. Works well with allergies too

Blue Calcite.jpg


Blue Calcite is a stone that is especially calming & soothing. Keeping it close to you helps to make you aware of the need for rest, which can help to aid healing and calming of the nerves. It is also good stone for students. Can aid retaining lessons learned.

Green Calcite.jpg


I harmonises the electrical energy circuits in the body. Assist to balance the Etheric and merging of the physical and spiritual bodies. I am great for opening your Heart to areas there may have been fear before. I am light and purposeful, great companion to use in healing and centring your energies. If you place me in your drinking water, I can assist with the flow of energy around your body.



I work with a gentle and amplified energy. I have a smoothing effect by reducing the challenges/fears that you associate with change. I allow you the understanding that change is right and can achieve. I may aid the recovery from the effect of emotional abuse. I can aid in increasing your confidence and self-worth.

Calcite Optical.jpg


I increase and amplify energy. This make me an excellent stone distance healing and well as other distance energy work.  I am also helpful for astral travel and channelling and increasing intuition. I am the stone of spirituality, wisdom and inner peace. I can assist to lessening of fears and reducing stress. I am a purifying stone that can clear negativity in the environment.

Orange Calcite.jpg


I am a highly energising and cleansing stone, especially for the lower chakras. I heal the reproductive system. I bring relief from emotional fears & remove fear and overcome depression, accidents & divorce.  I dissolve problems and maximises potential.  I restore equilibrium by releasing know and unknown fear and phobias.  It opens your awareness and links emotions and intellect creating emotional intelligence.



I increase and amplify energy. I am also know as the witch’s stone. Gives you protection and increases your life span. Amplifies energy so that your energy cannot be destroyed or used by others. I help to bring inner peace. I also increase creativity, imagination and prosperity. It represents time, eternity and evolution.



I am grounding and balancing stone. I am of pure heart and open the connections to the inner self. I give courage and allow flow in speech and a powerful healer. I can be use to dispel apathy and sorrow. I protect from envy, fear and rage thus encourages and promotes positive life choices. I pulsate with love and warmth. I reduce anger by calming and reducing stress. It activates the base chakra, influences the female reproductive organs, and increases fertility.



I assist you in opening up to heavenly light and heightened states of consciousness.  I can accelerate your growth and aids in creative expression, peace of mind, allow truth and clear speech. I will assist with the balancing your energies and promoting peace and joy that flows from a centred being. You can use me to enhance Astral travel and dream recall. The ability to clear the mind and renew the spirit, especially if you around stressful people or situations. I help to get rid of toxins to allow you feel more energised.



Brings the mind, body and spirit into alignment It removes unwanted feeling of hostility and removes sadness. It removes self-doubt and build confidence. Using the stone to meditate will help you become a more open and enthusiastic person.
It comes in many colours – Blue, yellow, red, purple, brown, green, orange, white, black or multi-coloured.



Is Quarts that is treated in a lab with Chromium. Spirit guidance said that, I allow for the healing of your heart space. Invites and enhances self-love and protection by understanding that you have value. This allows peace and wisdom to flow naturally around yourself at a time of need.

Natural Citrine.JPG


Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator.  It is warming, energizing and highly creative.  This crystal never needs cleansing.  It has the ability to cleanse the chakras especially the Navel and Solar Plexus.  It can teach how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, success and all things good.  Citrine enhances concentration and revitalises the mind.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients


Is a magical, bright and dream like energies. Activating the etheric body, facilitating astral and dream work. I support connection to spiritual guidance and aids you on the journey forward. Enabling and encourage transformation spiritual consciousness and awareness.

Deset Rose.jpg


I am integrated part of life. I blend into myself forming a community of concisions that works together as a whole. I can help you to dissolve your self-imposed regimen/programs that have be running for too long and out lived their usefulness. I use my community concision to release the regimen/programs that have been controlling you for to long by assist you in finding an appropriate replacement for the next stage of your life.

Dragon Blood Jasper.PNG


Dragon Blood Jasper encourage spiritual growth. Supports self-healing and purifying the body and mind. Allows time for reflection and rebuilding of your self-esteem, love, compassion. Teachers you self-forgiveness and how to move on from the past and past traumas. Healer and bringer of peace and clarity.



I balance emotional turmoil, and the confusion of time and space, it centres and brings us into the Now. I am a stone of inspiration and patience. I am the stone of physical immortality and rejuvenation. I help to combine the strength of unconditional love and balance to keep a partnership on the right track. Promote trust and understanding in a relationship.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'F'

Fluorite Slab.jpg


Increase ability to concentrate and aids in learning. Encourages self-discipline, to ‘walk your talk’. Aligns body with mind, and mind with Spirit. Helps one take action & make necessary adjustments to one’s life. Dissolves unwanted patterns of behaviour and increases self-confidence.



I enhance your connection to the nature spirit/divas and help you to appreciation of beauty in nature. I help one to communicate with the ancient shaman and bring forth the wisdom of healing. The ‘sparkles’ in me, helps one to achieve an altered state of consciousness, allowing you to connect with your innate medical intuitive abilities. Children love to play with me as I help stimulate their innate connection with the fairies and nature spirits.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'G'



Spiritual guidance said that, each geode holds a special energy. It is bound to the energy trapped in the bubble formed at it conception. It is a good place to start a special journey with the spiritual realm of self. It may allow you to use it with meditation, astral travel or just bring peace to your physical body. To pick a geode you need to feel a connection. The learn how it best works for you.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'H'



I assist to ground & protect you when you are feeling scattered and increase energy levels. I bring peace from stress and dissolve negative energy. I am strong and support timid women, boosts self esteem and survivability. I enhance will power and reliability and impart confidence. Great to use in bath to ease the days pain & regrets. I draw off all negativity from the day. I also assist with sleep.

Hemitate Magnectic.jpg


I am calming and balancing stone. By releasing the negative energy surrounding your aura and body. Allowing your fire and passion to ignite your imagination and move forward positivity. I can aid pain relief.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'J'

Red Jasper.jpg


I am the red earth stone and work on the base chakra while as I am anchored in the earth energies. This allows me to be a supreme nurturer; I sustain support during times of stress and unifies all aspects of life.  I provide protection and absorb negative energy.  I encourage honesty within one’s self.  I stimulate and ground energy and rectify unjust situations.  Red Jasper stimulates the base chakra cleansing and stabilising the aura.

Dalmatian Jasper.jpg


I am a useful pick me up for depression or energy depletion.  If you are prone to over intellectual visualisation or excess thinking, Dalmation Jasper helps you to get out of your head and into your body.  I assist in safe sleep and prevent night terrors in children.  Hold or place as appropriate.

Ocean Jasper.jpg


I wear away the boundaries/blockages to allow you forgiveness of yourself and others. I will keep on pushing ever so gently until you have shifted all that is needed to be removed from you life, especially old patterns and energies that no longer play a role in your life. I have the calmness and soothing properties of the calm sea and the rapid change of a tumultuous ocean.  Holding the stone is like holding on to an anchor, a safe haven, while allowing deeply buried feelings to well up like a rising sea, I allow you to process them calmly, without drowning in them.

Zebra Jasper.jpg


Zebra Stone can show us our own true natures and help us see past illusion. It is a grounding stone, which connect to mother earth, a great boon to doing spiritual and energy work. Zebra Stone is also very effective at protecting one's aura.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'K'



K2 stone is mined from Pakistans K2 second highes muntain in the world. Which makes it difficult to mine. This  special stone is extremely rare. And hard to find.
Combination of Azurite and Granite.
This mountain stone –
Intuition, Wisdom, Enlightenment.]
Its powerful energy vibration can make a connection with yourself. Its frequency can take you on a journey of understanding of wisdom and enlightenment. Opening pathways and links to visions.

Blue Kyanite.jpg


Kyanite does not hold negativity and never requires cleansing. I encourage you to speak your truth, cutting through fears and blockages. I am great for deflecting negative energies so I am great for protection. I help to remove attachments from the auric field and strengthen it. I am a natural pain reliever and lower blood pressure and releases excess weight. I balance yin-yang energies.

Blue Kyanite.jpg


I am one of the few minerals in the mineral kingdom that never needs cleaning or cleansing. It will NOT accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. My energy is unlimited in application, making me one of the very best attunement stones. I align all chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscious direction. If you direct me consciously, I can also open the chakras. Conscious direction of the energy can also align the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, astral bodies. It brings tranquillity and calming effect to the whole being. I am great in facilitating for meditation.



Kunzite is a beautiful crystal, pure in energy and joyful in nature. In palest pink to light violet hues, it is a Stone of Emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two. Kunzite encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection, and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'L'



I assist one to traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance. I also help to provide clarity to the inner sight. l enhance patience, and an inner know of the right time. I clear, balances and protect the aura. I am the stone of transformation and magic. I increase intuition, psychic development, wisdom, help with subconscious issues, and provide mental illumination.  I am used for dream recall and finding ways to use dreams in daily life.



I assist with quickly release stress and bring deep peace.  I bring truthfulness, inner power, intuition and manifestation. I am a protective stone that contacts spirit guardians.  I block psychic attack and return the energy to its source.  I harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  I encourage you to take charge of your life.  I relieve migraines, vertigo, and insomnia and help to overcome depression.



Lepidolite is a stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It is great if you are suffering loss and grieving or have experienced emotional trauma. I am extremely useful n reducing stress and depression and overcoming insomnia. It is a stone of consciousness and serves to open a link to the higher self. It helps to get one through transitions with trust that everything will ultimately turn out for the best.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'M'



Old Wisdom
Calming Soul
Strength of Spirit
Love of Self
Light & gentle life path to be



I am a stone of transformation and help with change and spiritual evolution. I am a stone that bridges the energies if the heart and base chakras. I help to balance love, romance and you own well-being. I evoke good fortune, abundance and prosperity. This means abundance in joy, happiness and love. I can enhance emotional stability and balance in general.



I am a very grounded stone and can assist you with self-esteem issues. I help with fear and depression by soothing erratic behaviour and fostering new perception and communication skills. I am a great stone for those who are kind to all, except themselves by allowing you to become kind to yourself too.

Moonstone Rainbow.jpg


I am a stone of new beginning and encourage us to accept our intuition. I help calm emotions in times of stress.  I balance male/female energies. I am helpful for shock and trauma. I assist with calming hyperactive children. I encourage lucid dreaming, especially at times of the full moon. Healing: I help digestive and reproductive systems. Alleviate degeneration of skin, hair, eyes, liver and pancreas. Excellent for PMS, pregnancy and childbirth.

Moonstone Red.jpg


This is the stone of hope and wishing. It is also for new beginnings and is a good companion for travellers, often called the “travellers stone”. Intuitive sources suggest Moonstone's energies are soothing and nurturing. It can also help balance the male and female aspects of yourself. It is said to bring good fortune, and it is seen as a tool to promote spiritual enlightenment. Moonstone is often kept with oracles & tarot cards for increased psychic ability.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'O'

Black Obsidian.jpg


I ground the soul and spiritual force.  I increase self- control and I am a powerful and creative stone.  I am a protective stone and repel negativity and disperse unloving thoughts.  I help to release negativity from the body to allow the new to come in. I help you to face up to one’s true self. Carry black Obsidian to keep you grounded and protect you from others' energies

Obsidian Green.jpg


I open and purify the heart and throat chakras.  I help to remove hooks and ties from other people and protect against repetition.  Using over the heart helps to shift the vibration of that chakra.  Great when used in layouts.

Blue Obsidian.jpg


Is connected to the throat chakra and supports communication, astral travel and helps to open the aura. Blue obsidian is helpful for those that are looking to enhance their telepathic abilities, tarot reading, dowsing or other forms of divination. By clearing the path of communication blue obsidian helps one to have a stronger connection to their abilities to read a situation.

Client 1


I have a gentle energy that will ground and protect you. I can be used for strength in times of need, to remove energy blocks, and give new life to your purposed and goals by stimulate growth on all levels.  Worn on the body I relieve pain and improve circulation. I allow for clarity of information and thoughts.

Obsidian Snowflake.jpg


I calm and soothe. I sharpen external & internal vision and bring out the glow from within. I teach you to value mistakes as well as success.  I am a stone of purity, providing balance for mind, body and spirit during times of change.  I help you to recognise “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns.  I give



Is a subtle yet highly energetic stone.  It is the ideal stone for meditation.  It improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual.  It removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians.  Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds.  It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalising our hidden feelings.

Orthoceras Fossil.jpg


I am a connection to the earth and sea. I may aid the transitions between spirit and the physical. I am usually used for helping in fatigue and drowsiness. I can aid to face your world with confidents and without fear.

Client 6



I use the ancient symbols in copper to enhances the energy of the crystals.

Raises the vibrationial energies, transmitting or scubbing.

This creates an reaction of cleansing negative energies back to a positive, healthy, vibrant state of being.

It’s also known as Orgonite. The use of Resin, Crystal & copper.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'P'

Peacock Ore.jpg


Can be used to break up blockages and cleanse the crown chakra. It makes an excellent meditation stone. This stone of happiness and joy it fuses positive forces in us, helps identify the cause of negativity and filters out of our bodies

Petrified Wood.jpg


I bring a positive outlook and release the old negativity that has been held in the emotional body at the solar plexus. I strengthen the will and bring harmony to self and others. I am also useful protector from radiation from computers. I am the stone of intellect and protection. I breach the understanding between your own latent abilities and mental talents by enhancing your mental stability, creativity, memory and psychic development

Client 7


This mineral does not exist in nature. It was grown in a lab in Poland. There are two varieties – yellow and red. The colour is natural and comes from iron. These chemical compounds is used to develop film the classic way. In Europe it is additive to salt for the roads. It isn’t toxic, however it is not edible – do not lick it, and do not eat.

The energy of the crystal is about striking out on your own and by being very creative, grounding and peaceful



I bring a positive outlook and release the old negativity that has been held in the emotional body at the solar plexus. I strengthen the will and bring harmony to self and others. I am also useful protector from radiation from computers. I am the stone of intellect and protection. I breach the understanding between your own latent abilities and mental talents by enhancing your mental stability, creativity, memory and psychic development

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'Q'

Clear Q Cluster.jpg


Are used for healing, meditation & expanding the mind to touch the spirit world. Clear Quartz cluster tends to emit protective, cleansing and calming vibration. A crystal cluster high energy vibe can send the energy in many directions. So is great to be used in the home to remove negativity and sending white light protection

Elestial Q .JPG


I bring strength and can assist with emotional release to bring your body and spirit into synchronicity whilst connecting you the Angelic realms. I can provide information that enables you to move forward or overcome blockages in your spiritual path and align you with the wisdom of the Universe. They bring into the now the elusive, intuitive thoughts you chase about past, present and future accelerating your path toward enlightenment.

Golden Healer.jpg


It is a high vibrational crystal, a master healer, a multi-purpose healing crystal and empowers dimensional healing. It accesses the Golden Ray, the highest vibrations of light and can raise vibrations, intent and dissolves and releases blockages. This crystal enhances joy, balances yin & yang energies and aligns all chakras.

Lemon 20Q.jpg


I also assist with negative thoughts by aiding the mind to release anxieties and stress to the universe. Yellow as a colour energy signifies creativity, structure, optimism & well being. I will assist in your meditation by enhancing focus on your personal goals with a clear & happy outlook by assisting your future goals and plans.

Lemurian Q.jpg


I am the perfect tool for light workers; it holds a blessing of unconditional love for the earth. I can aligning even the least knowledgeable person and require no previous crystal experience, channelling experience or psyche ability. They start at the core of our Souls and fill us with their golden light, realigning and clearing us and restoring our positive outlook and loving natures. Lemurian opens a star gate, anchoring ancient wisdom into the present.  It reawakens spiritual training and healing abilities.

Moron Q.jpg


It reaches into the centre of your body to balance and organise your thinking. Creating pathway to release toxic energies. Cleansing and clearing the solar plexus increasing your personal power and clarity seeing the truth in the situation. Increasing confidence to make a discussion.

Rose Quartz


I am a blessing stone who promotes love and peace. I help to attach love by working from the purity of heart source. I support healing on all levels by healing the heart to allowing the universal energy flow to be directed where needed. I allow you to work from a positive space instead of a negative place.  I also help to release unexpressed emotions and teach you to love yourself.

Rutilated Quartz.jpg


I draw off negative energy and breakdown the barriers to spiritual progress, letting go of the past.  It is useful for therapists and counsellors as it filters negative energy from a client.  I give protection and can be used in past life healing.  It connects soul lessons and the plan for the present life.  I help to facilitate a change in direction.  I promote forgiveness at all  levels.  Sweep over the aura to draw off negative energy.  Place over the solar plexus for energy, the ears to balance and align.

Smoky Q.jpg


I am a grounding stone and protective stone especially at night. I help you explore your inner self, allowing to embrace the dark and fill it with love and light. I teach you to release old patterns, things and people who don’t serve you anymore. I increase recall of dreams and intensify channelling abilities. I help to bring emotional calmness and lift depression.

Spirit Quartz.jpg


Is a crystal of Harmony, Alignment and healing. The small crystals points allow the amplification of energy from the main crystal stem into the aura. The point of the crystal radiates the plusating energy to bath the whole body with its healing energy.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'R'

Ruby in Fuschite.JPG


I combine the properties of Ruby and Fuschite. Ruby opens the heart to go past the boundaries of personal love and passion to unconditional love. I help bring in to alignment – freedom, flow and peace for those with the fear of intimacy, repressed emotions and uncertainty. I am a stone of high energy and power that promotes healing on all levels. Fuchsite is a great stone to use during healing sessions. I assist during meditation, to access info regarding your life path.

Client 1


I help to heal the heart, inspire passions and provide a balance approach in relationships. I assist in the communication with the spirit world and induce trance states, stimulating the mind and powerfully amplifying both mental and psychic talents. I help in the recovery of extended stress or chronic illness and physical vitality.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'S'



I open channels to other worlds and ancient civilizations. I can enhance team spirit in groups and organizations. I help to find the underlying cause of a problem so you regain self-control and create a preferred reality. I have a gentle flowing energy that helps with the circulation of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies



Selenite instils peace & calm, and is an excellent crystal for meditation. Holding a peace Selenite in the hand is said to help drain any negative energy from the body, while a large piece of Selenite placed in the house is said to ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite is an extremely high vibrating Crystal and will assist you in opening your crown chakra, and it can also assist in connecting with your Spirit Guides and Angels.

Another wonderful property of Selenite is that it has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies, however Selenite itself never needs cleansing



Is also called Dragon Stone. I give you confidence in life to help you walk your true path. It opens the lines of communication with others and to self. Allow you to hear and understand your wants and needs. Septarian allows for better tolerance and patience to ease your journey forward.

Silicon Carbide.jpg


It useful for relieving headaches, eye strain. I aid in strengthing and releasing neck, shoulder strain and bone.  I am a calming and balancing. Allowing your fire and passion to ignite your imagination and move forward positivity. I am a made made crystal.



Wear to help expand & strengthen your energy field for protection from negative energy, radiation waves & overall balancing. Shungite is a traditional cure all, backed by scientific research.  Profoundly earthy & anti geopathogenic stone at least 2 billion years old. Organic carbon based mineral containing natural fullerenes.  Can protect you from those harmful radiation waves that are now part of our modern world. Clears out mental or emotional pollutants so you can move forward. Assists cellular metabolism, neurotransmitters, immune, digestive & filtration systems.
Information from – Ancient Earth Organics

Shungite Elite.jpg


The stone of transformation. Believed to be around 2 billion years old and formed before life on earth existed.
Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalises restores and even stimulates the growth. Pulsates with the vibration of health and restorative energies. Self-directed to the area if greatest need.



I unite logic with intuition and open spiritual perception.  This stone instils a drive for truth and an urge towards idealism, making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs.  I help to clear electromagnetic smog and may be placed on or near your computer.  Sodalite eliminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage.  I balance the metabolism and stimulate absorption of fluid in the body.



I am a healing and calming stone. I can aid in grief and personal loss. I may help for anyone with insomnia. By relaxing your state of mind, calming and soothing mind chatter before sleep. This also a good stone for meditation for its calming properties. It removes self-doubt and build confidence and creativity.



Is said to be a stone of personal power, leadership, abundance, creativity, positivity and manifestation. Believe to be an excellent anti-depressant and to be exceptionally good for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Stimulates self- healing.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients

Crystal 'T'

Tourmaline Mica.jpg


Increases physical vitality, emotional stability by assisting to disperses insecurity and self-doubt.  I can be used for clarity in visions. I do not absorb negative energy – I repel it. I cleanse, purify & transform dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Tiger Eye.jpg


I am great to relieve scattered energies, if you are feeling drained or uncertain. I can help to change you mood and encourage optimism & confidence while encouraging you to open up to new experience. I am a protection stone while keeping you very grounded. I am the bringer of prosperity and enhance good luck. I can also help you to see clearly and gain insight into our own imbalance. I assist in transmuting limitation and fear into confidence & connection to our personal power.



I cleanse, purify and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration.  I ground spiritual energy.  I do not absorb negative energy – I repel it.  I aid in the receptivity if inspiration to flow. I am great to use in times of crisis or for periods of extreme stress. I can break through old fears and patterns still in your life. I cultivate inner wisdom, courage, stability and patience



I open our channels of communication with other dimensions and worlds. Give us strong connection to the Beings of light from other dimensions and star systems. I help us to be strong in our own presences and power. Great tool for releasing blocks and to strengthen our energy field. Excellent for use in channelling. In healing, allows you to see physical blocks within your body and release your old memories and thoughts.

Rainbow Aura Q.jpg


I am created by treating a quartz crystal with precious metals, such as Gold, Silver, Titanium & Platinum.  Tis done via an electrostatic process, whereby the crystals are out into a vacuum and charged opposite the metal. Heat is applied and the metal is then put into the vacuum and it ‘clings’ to the crystal. This fusion is permanent and can not be removed. These crystals combine both the properties produced and the properties of the metals used to produce a very intense energy. They generally encourage you to be a clear open channel. Use them to activate other minerals for healing and to cleanse and soother your aura.

Crystals Spiritual Meanings: Clients
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