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Clairvoyant Readings
Crystal Therapist & Reiki Master

I pride myself on providing excellent service and products. I provide an understanding and caring environment for all my clients. If you would like to get an idea of some of client experiences with my reading & services, look at a selection of their testimonials below.

Testimonials: Testimonials
Ocean Rocks

I've been seeing Delia for a number for years now having healings both in person and by distance and I have to say I've found they are both equally as good, giving me a feeling of calmness and peace.

Delia has a lovely caring, kind, compassionate way about her, relaying messages from spirit providing clarity and guidance. 

I've transformed my life thanks to the healings I've received with Delia. They've given me clarity, guidance, strength, and understanding of myself to move forward on my journey 🙏

Joanne ❤️
23 April

Yoga by the Ocean

I saw Delia once and her reading helped me to do something I needed to do. I saw her again today for crystal healing and another reading. I feel clam, at peace and although I know I have more healing to do, I know that I have what it takes, walking with Spirit, to get there, Thank you SO much Delia for your kindness, compassion, understanding and wisdom. I'll definitely be seeing you again.


17th October

- Bec Rosman

Image by David Clode

Oh my god Delia. You said give it a month and it'll be a snowball affect. And it's been a month and 4 days and oh my I feel so much better. I've figures out so many things and yeh. Thank you

Text message

29 October 

- Stephen

Forest Trees

I've been seeing this beautiful soul for readings for the past 5 years. I cannot speak highly enough about her or her readings. I away walk away feeling connected to mu truth, reassured and confident to move to the next phase! She is highly connected, respectful and speaks from such a pure place. Five Stars!


11 December

- Leah James

Keeley OES.JPG

Had another beautiful reading from Delia. I always walk away from your beautiful energy feeling on top of the world 🌍. So grateful Delia 🙏 , always such a pleasure seeing you ! Much love & thank you for all the clarity you give me ♥️♥️


4 August

- Tahnee French

Quiet Forest

This was the best experience. Incredibly accurate. I couldn't recommend anyone better. Gave me then answers I needed but also guidance about how to create a better future for myself. She was relatable and beautiful in her words and how the messages were relayed back to me. Couldn't thank her enough for the healing she did.


5 January

- Emma L

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

If anyone is reading this wondering whether to see Delia Spry, let me just say you would do yourself a disservice by not consulting her. An amazing practitioner whether its for healing, strengthening, adding resilience, reducing stress or dealing very directly with past trauma or current illness Delia will help you. That I can promise from experience and observation.

2 February

- Anna


If you are looking for a clairvoyant then this amazing lady should be your first stop.
I have been to many psychics over the years but none have shone as brightly as Delia.
My life has changed for the better with her clarity and guidance, she is truly a beautiful soul �


13 July

- Pete Boesch Waith

Image by Janus Clemmensen

She’s amazing gave me closure ❤️


1 September

- Alex Champton

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