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Black Obsidian + Tiger Eye

Black Obsidian + Tiger Eye


Message From Spirit - Repeals Negativity, Protective


When I am making my products I received information, message or description from spirit about the crystal products I am working on.

SKU: BC131
  • Black Obsidian & Tiger Eye


    I ground the soul and spiritual force.  I increase self- control and I am a powerful and creative stone.  I am a protective stone and repel negativity and disperse unloving thoughts.  I help to release negativity from the body to allow the new to come in. I help you to face up to one’s true self. Carry black Obsidian to keep you grounded and protect you from others' energies


    I am great to relieve scattered energies, if you are feeling drained or uncertain. I can help to change you mood and encourage optimism & confidence while encouraging you to open up to new experience. I am a protection stone while keeping you very grounded. I am the bringer of prosperity and enhance good luck. I can also help you to see clearly and gain insight into our own imbalance. I assist in transmuting limitation and fear into confidence & connection to our personal power.

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