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How to pick a crystal...

When buying a gemstone, I personally feel that the natural unpolished stone has more potent raw energy. I often find that the least attractive stone has the stronger healing energy.

When you choose a stone, use your intuition - are you drawn to it or feel a vibration. You may feel a sensation of tingling, coldness, heat or other feelings. I never pick a crystal by reading its properties. I always pick with my eyes, gut feeling and asking what will be best for my current situation. Whatever I attach to I know is the one I need. 

If you wish to pick a crystal for someone else. Hold the person you want to buy for in your mind, use your eyes, gut feel and asked what is best for them in their current situation. Trust yourself. This is a good way to help you develop your intuition. I have often tried  to walk away from a crystal but felt compelled to return for it later.

I believe that crystals and gemstones have life-force energy and an elemental consciousness. It’s a connection between the properties of the crystal and you.

A stone will only stay with you as long as its energy is needed, then it may remove itself. Many people report how they mysteriously loose a stone or jewellery.

If you find that, the stone is no longing working for you give it away as a gift to someone else who needs it.

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