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How do you walk away from a person or situation without anger, guilt or frustration.

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Many times I am asked about a situation that is occurring in their life. They make statements.

  • They're not feel right.

  • I just feel off.

  • I am going backward into my old pattern.

  • They're picking on me

  • They make me feel bad.

  • They treat me like shit.

Your need to remember that we grow & learn from our mistakes/missteps. Part of that learning is that from time to time the past and people from your past can pop back in. The old patterns seem to reoccur. But do they? If they are projecting anger, blame, abuse. They are doing this because they are projecting how they are feeling about themselves and their insecurities and ability to cope with their life.

Instead of reacting to the situation just take on board what is being said. One of the worst thing we can is manifest a situation by thinking and making statements. What will I have to cope with next time. How can I deal with them. What we think and what we believe creates our reality.

Don't validate their actions by you reacting. By trying to justify and proving their wrong only keeps the situation reoccurring. You need to look at yourself. Know that this is not YOUR truth. So it's their problem. So don't engage, just walk away.

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