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Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is a natural negative-ion generator.

Negative ions mostly occur in nature, created by things lightning storms, waterfalls, and the breaking waves of the sea: this is one of the many reasons why people often report feeling refreshed and re-energised after a storm or a walk along the beach, in todays world we are surrounded by positive “pollutant” ions which are created by things like smog, electronic devices like mobile phones, cordless home-phones, computer, TVs, microwaves, clothes dryers, and vacuum cleaners, all the things can often exacerbate problems like asthma, allergies, stress and insomnia.

Himalayan Salt Lamps naturally release negative “cleansing” ions, improving the surrounding atmosphere. They are beautiful, suits any décor, ad give off warm calming glow for all to enjoy!

Information from the Himalayan Salt Factory I will have these lamps at the Manly Creative Markets every Sunday or you can contact me direct to book an appointment to view them in Ormiston during the week.

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