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Amethyst+ Rose Quartz

Amethyst+ Rose Quartz


Message From Spirit - Protective by Love


When I am making my products I received information, message or description from spirit about the crystal products I am working on.



     I am a very protective stone that allows to you process and dispel any physical & mental emotions like anger, fears, rage and anxiety. This allow you to development a more positive outlook in your life and assist you to negate the highs and lows that previously ruled your life.  It allow you to contact your inner child to disperse old patterns and concerns. This personal growth will enable to increase your spiritual vibrations to a higher level and achieve peace and harmony.


    I am a blessing stone who promotes love and peace. I help to attach love by working from the purity of heart source. I support healing on all levels by healing the heart to allowing the universal energy flow to be directed where needed. I allow you to work from a positive space instead of a negative place.  I also help to release unexpressed emotions and teach you to love yourself.


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